Why do you need EaseeDesk?

With EaseeDesk,
you have a simple tool
in order to solve sophisticated IT incidents at a mere glance. One solution to shift from being reactive to proactive is a filter that identifies IT incidents in real time. It's an easy and cost-effective way to help your IT department, designed also for non-technical
business users.

Customer satisfaction
is a key factor for business.
The help desk is the primary method of customer interaction. Your user satisfaction depend on it.

Do you rate your customer satisfaction?



Increase IT performance

Identify and deal with low performance IT devices and help desk staff. Enable your IT and help desk to become a more valuable resource for your company. Show significant improvements in the performance and satisfaction of IT internal and external users.

Motivate your IT staff

Get customer satisfaction surveys to measure the performance and effectiveness of internal IT processes by gathering feedback on individual IT incidents. Increase IT staff recognition based on customer feedback.

Use a human perspective

Get a more personalized approach for your help desk staff in understanding that IT is still about people. Provide IT managers, staff and end-users with the information and insight they need in order to increase performance and customer satisfaction.

Metrics that matter to you

Get complete real-time incident management by capturing, identifying and responding to issues and service requests across the company. Use an intuitive and user-friendly interface that is designed for both technical and non-technical users.





Secure access from any place

Ensure that most up to date information are available and monitor progress with periodic reports in the most secured manner, regardless of your location.

Easily spot opportunities

Take better and more objective decisions, based on customer and employee feedback. Diagnose and solve IT problems faster, in order to avoid complex security issues or recurring IT problems, both for internal and external users.

Improve customer satisfaction today